A corporate identity rebrand for the Greenpeace International organization. This rebrand features a new symbolic logo and the use of fluid elements to bring forward the personality of Greenpeace in all branded material. This rebrand focuses primarily on the core values of the organization and encourages the protection of the Earth as something to celebrate. This rebrand also includes a full brand guideline manual which discusses the full uses and restrictions of the brand identity.


  • Completed April 2021

  • Made with Adobe Illustrator


This project was very exciting to begin. As a passionate environmentalist I was very excited to create a brand that represented a cause that I felt so strongly about. I was able to use my own experiences as well as the experiences of those around me to determine what works and what doesn't in an identity of an organization such as Greenpeace. In my process I began by conducting preliminary research, learning about the ins and outs of the organization. Following that I began constructing the logo. This was definetly the hardest part of the process but by far the most rewarding. Finally I determined a series of applications to create mockups for to show my new identity in use.


The Greenpeace logo represents the organizations 3 core values, to; 
- Promote Peace
- Prevent abuse
- Protect biodiversity

The connection between the points of each triangle represent the coming together of individuals to solve a common goal and to form a new connection. The triangles together form the shape of a shield, representing Greenpeace’s overaching goal to protect the planet Earth.


The fluid elements created symbolize the initiatives that Greenpeace takes part in and the values that the organization upholds. The fluid elements feature bright colours to create visual interest and catch the eye of the general public. All elements are structured using primarily triangles which creates a consistency with the logo as well as the rationale behind the use of triangles as a representation of Greenpeace's 3 core values.


In the beginning of my process I struggled with “being original”. I felt like I had to create something completely new and neglected to find inspiration from other identities. I think this roadblock caused a stutter in my initial process but once I began looking at other existing identities and really understanding the rationale behind my logo and fluid identity my experience completely changed and I was able to expand so much more.

Another challenge I experienced was finding the right layout for my manual. I spent hours researching and looking at existing case studies and brand manuals but because each one was very different I wasn't able to pin-point the parts that I felt fit my design best. This caused a disorganized start to creating my manual and forced me to have to catch up later in the process. After receiving feedback and spending a few more hours researching manual structures I found a layout that worked best for me.