Ace Promotion

February 2020

An app created to detect deep fakes on social media and educate users on the dangers of deep fake technology.


This motion graphic piece was developed to explore the shape and form in motion. The video symbolizes the company’s desire to tell every story and shows that the cameras never stop rolling. The goal of this project was to challenge myself using 3D software and master the art of outline animation.


I created storyboards to map out how my created assets would move within each composition and to solidify timing. Creating storyboards allowed me to put my ideas onto paper to get a better visual of what I wished to create. Storyboarding was a crucial step in the development of this motion design because it allowed me to troubleshoot to avoid overworking myself.

Ace promotion storyboards.
Ace promotion storyboards.

Draft Assets

I originally wanted to use strictly after effects to create the animations. I was going to draw my assets in illustrator and then use the transform tools in after effects to create simple transitions. After creating a few basic illustrations and doing test animations I realized that this process was too time consuming and did not create the effect that I desired.

Final Assets

Due to time constraints I was only able to create 3 major assets. I was surprisingly more happy with only using 3 assets because this made the video narrative more simple and quick. These assets were created by rendering a 3d model in Maya and then image tracing in Adober Illustrator. Unfortunately, I could have saved myself time by rendering using Maya's outline render however my student account placed limitations leading me to find creative alternatives.

A thin black outline of a dancer  on a white background.

Ace is well known for their dance footage and has incoorperated a large portion of their company identity to their association with the dance industry. This was important to incoorperate in my video because it represents Ace’s long standing work and connection with people.

A thin black outline of a car on a white background.

The car represents Ace’s versatility and ability to know only document organic and human based happenings but also machinery. Ace Prides themselves on their ability to capture the beauty in mechanical forms.

A thin black outline of a dog on a white background.

The dog represents Ace’s ability to work with animals and to show the diversity in their work. Ace has participated in several shoots involving animals and has documented several of these works in their photographic portfolio.

Animation Process

My animation process began by animating 3D models. I was able to acquire the models using free online assets for the sake of time constraints of this project. I then used Maya’s Vector render to create outlines of the figures.

The rendered images were then brought into illustrator, moved accordingly to fit the movement of the action (frame by frame style) and then exported as pngs. The images were then brought into premiere to create an image sequence which played back the movement and the sequence was then imported to After Effects to complete this process.

Line and Colour

Within my final composition, Lines are used to represent the continuation of Ace’s process from the start, which is shown by a slate clapping, which in the film industry represents the starting of a take. As the figures begin to move they turn red, which is a representation of recording (normally shown through a red flashing dot). The use of limited colour allows the viewer to remain engaged in the process and action of the video and further understand Ace’s goal when working with Clients.

An illustration of a black and white clapperboard with 3 lines moving to the right.

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