February 2022

An online application designed to make the jobs of Contractors easier.


PledgX is a web application that serves contractors working in the construction industry. The application allows users to easily manage projects, personnel and complete qualification statements. The Contractor Qualification Statement module is designed with efficiency at the forefront, allowing contractors to qualify for more jobs in less time.

The application is continuously upgrading with several new features in the works.


The onboarding process is designed to get users into the app and creating qualifications quickly! Once a user has created an account they are presented a series of questions which help them to understand our conversation style module design as well as collect data to automate their qualification process.


After completing the onboarding process the user is able to access the dashboard. The dashboard allows users to navigate through several modules with ease while monitoring their progress and keeping track of projects and personnel.

Contractor Qualification Module

The Contractor Qualification Statement (CQS) module is designed to simplify the form filling process that every contractor must complete in order to qualify for jobs. The module innovates the form filling process by automating answers through the user profile, eliminating the need to re-enter commonly used information.

Profile Editing

The profile allows the user to default their information that will be used in the qualification process. In the profile a user can also view and add company projects and personnel.


The website demonstrates the benefits of the PledgX application. I illustrated every asset used on the site and developed the PledgX branding.


Due to the scope of this application being so broad it has taken a lot of think power to simplify the design. As the sole designer I ensured to consult the engineering team often for collaborative conversation on how we can automate the process and efficiently collect data. I also had to ensure I stayed extremely organized to avoid losing assets or parts of my process.

Overall I have found this experience to be very rewarding due to the amount of individual and professional growth I have witnessed within myself. I have learned how to effectively communicate and present my ideas to a non-design focused audience and have gained tremendous amounts of confidence in my abilities as a designer.

This project has taught me that as long as I set my mind to it, anything is possible with hardwork, creativity, and perseverance! (I know its cheesy but its true!)

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