SPOT is a deepfake detection and educational application that allows users to learn about deepfake technology and upload their own content to detect the validity of media. SPOT app works in connection with the Facebook platform to run in the background and flag users if deepfake technology is detected within a post. As deepfake technology is continuously advancing the application features modules that allow users to educate themselves on some of the tell tale signs of how to spot a deepfake. The application uses an algorithm to track the eye movement within media to determine the validity of the content.


  • Completed April 2021

  • Made with Adobe Illustrator and Figma


The SPOT app is a multi-disciplinary project developed by 5 students from a variety of backgrounds. The team is comprised of 1 film major, 1 communications major, 2 math majors and myself a design major. Our project is based on the research question "How can we differentiate real videos from DeepFakes videos?" which we have used to structure and develop our project concept. Over 8 months we worked to build concepts, conduct research, and develop application material and our algorithm.


As the sole designer, my role in this project was to not only create the interactive application prototype, but to develop an identity that allows the application to appear friendly and interesting. This being my first application branding challenge, I struggled in the beginning to find an approach that I felt suited our app concept.

Within my brainstorming process I thought long and hard about how deepfake technology is perceived by the public. I was inspired by sci-fi movies and decided to use many stereotypical elements such as microchip lines and robotics, but made them appear friendlier. I used a soft, cartoonish illustration style to make the overwhelming theme of deepfakes a little easier to dive into. Bright oranges and blues were chosen as the colour theme to appear bright and eye catching while sticking to the theme of sci-fi elements by reflecting upon the colours of holograms and space shuttle buttons. Through this process the most important element was born, the face of the application: Spot.


Spot the robot, was created to be the face of the application. Spot is the physical body of the detection algorithm and works very hard to "spot" false media! Spot was created to give the application a personality and helps users to feel more connected and interested in interacting with the app. He is a mischievous, and charming cat-like robot who can often be seen throughout the app helping the user to complete tasks.


This project was a huge responsibility and as the sole designer I held alot of weight on my shoulders. As someone who has never developed an app individually before I struggled to grasp the platforms and my interfaces were a bit messy. Without having many other designers in the course to critique or assist me in this process I felt very alone and unsure for the majority of the project development. However, through the support of my group members and the willingness to escape my comfort zone, I was able to take my own direction to this project and fully embrace my skills while continuing to learn and grow as a designer.